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The following are websites you can use to find information about different aspects of life in Mesopotamia. Not all are appropriate to use as a source for a report or project. Evaluate all the websites for validity and bias before  you use them for research.

 If you find a broken link please let the librarian know.


Ancient Mesopotamia

The Persians: Kidipede  

Phoenicians-Ancient Ships and Trade

 Art of Writing  

Babalonia- Wikipedia   (use for background information and finding other sources, not for reports)   

Babalonian Math  

Birth of the City Uruk  

Contributions of Mesopotamia  

Women's Lives in Mesopotamia


Ancient Mesopotamia- Kids News Room

Sumerian Art

Phoenician Ships - Navigation & Commerce  

Religion in Mesopotamia  

Sumerian Music  

Satrap- Wikipedia   (use for background information and find other sources only)

Mesopotamia Mathematics

British Museum-Mesopotamia

Sumerian Warfare

Mr. Dowling's Mesopotamia

Interactive Mesopotamia Map

Dig Into History-Mesopotamia   (Interactive learning experience, mute volume at school)