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Attendance Clerk:

(408) 423-3011

Attendance Office

To report an absence:

Call 408-423-3005 or email

  • Please include this information in your  message

    • Student Name

    • Student 6-digit ID number

    • Reason for the absence

    • The relationship of the person leaving the absence message

  • Excused absences include illness, doctor/dental, funeral for an immediate family member, and religious holiday (1 day per semester).

  • Questions? Please call  our Attendance Clerk at (408) 423-3011

  • You may also email

If your child will arrive late to school due to a morning appointment:

  • Please call the attendance line 408-423-3005 or email to let us know your student will arrive late.  Leave this information in your message;

    • Student Name, please spell the last name

    • Student 6-digit Identification Number

    • Approximate time we should expect your child

    • Please ask the doctor or dentist for an appointment notice

  • Your child may check themselves in at the attendance desk in the office before going to class.

To check your child out early during the school day:

  • If at all possible, please inform us in advance so we can have your child ready for pick up.  Call 408-423-3011 or email to let the attendance clerk know when you need to pick up your child. 

  • Please park in the staff parking lot, enter through the gate near the Science Building, and come to the Attendance Office to sign out your child.

  • Calling us ahead of time will allow us to have your child waiting for you.

  • Last minute pick-ups may take longer due to some students in PE


There are many ways to contact the Attendance Office:

Visit our Attendance Google Site

Leave a message
(408) 423-3005


SchoolLoop Mail to Buchser Attendance

We understand that there are times when students need to be picked up early for appointments.  To help us help you, please call and/or email the Attendance Office ahead of time to let us know what time you'd like to pick up your student. When arriving, please park in the staff parking lot off of Washington Street and enter through the gate closest to the Science Building.  The Attendance Office entrance faces the library.