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Attendance Office

To report an absence, call 408-423-3005:

  • Please include this information in your  message

    • Student Name

    • Student 6-digit ID number

    • Reason for the absence

    • The relationship of the person leaving the absence message

  • Excused absences include illness, doctor/dental, funeral for an immediate family member, and religious holiday (1 day per semester).

  • Questions? Please call attendance clerk at (408) 423-3011

  • You may also email

If your child will arrive late to school due to a morning appointment:

  • Please call the attendance line 408-423-3005 to let us know your student will arrive late.  Leave this information in your message;

    • Student Name, please spell the last name

    • Student 6-digit Identification Number

    • Approximate time we should expect your child

    • Please ask the doctor or dentist for an appointment notice

  • Your child may check him/herself in at the attendance desk in the main office before going to class.

To check your child out early during the school day:

  • If at all possible, please inform us in advance so we can have your child ready for pick up.  Call 408-423-3011 to let the attendance clerk know when you need to pick up your child. 

  • Please come into the Attendance Office to sign your child out.

Buchser Attendance

Contact Shelly Aggarwal  Shelly Aggarwal (408) 423-3011 Attendance Clerk