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A little about me...

Selfie Poem


I have been teaching 8th grade English-Language Arts here at Buchser since 1995, and still love it! To my students: my goal is to honor you with instruction that holds you accountable and empowers you to take ownership of your own learning.Ms. Eliason
I spent one year at Santa Clara High and Buchser, teaching both 8th and 9th grade English.  I grew up in the South Bay area and appreciate the community that is Santa Clara every day.  Go Niners!  

Textbooks and Novels

We will only use the textbook: Mirrors & Windows in class, but students can check out a copy to keep at home if they choose.  Students should always have a book to read for 20 minutes a night! 

Jill Eliason



Jaguar English-Language Arts/8th Grade


To create and foster students as expert learners who know the resources, opportunities, and skills to reach their learning objectives. 


Vision Statement


We are a community of learners that respects each other’s differences and embraces our similarities, that functions as a team, but is individually hard at work. We take appropriate challenges, we learn from our mistakes, and we support each other for success, academically and emotionally. 

English 8
About Deadlines

Use School Loop for details of the assignments, due dates, and grades.  Students can use Google Classroom for daily slide shows, notebook entries, and class resources.

Scholastic Orders

Students can order from Scholastic catalogs throughout the year with this Classroom Code:  


Class Code



I am happy to send in orders with cash or check to Scholastic as well!

Jaguar English Calendar
Homework Club

TBD: students may email, ask for help in class, or make an appointment at this time.

Challenge Activities

Students always have the opportunity to work on challenge activities if they have met their current deadlines and want to push themselves a little bit further as a learner.  These often including reading additional materials connected to our unit, or working on other research or vocabulary based activities. When a unit is over, those particular challenge opportunities are no longer available.  Students considering Honors English 9 for their 9th grade English class should take advantage of these as often as possible.