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Buchser's Mission Statement and Vision


Buchser Middle School

Mission Statement

Buchser Middle School is dedicated to creating contributing citizens who are life-long learners.


Vision Statement

At Buchser Middle School, we strive to:

Provide a Strong Focus on Academics

·        We have a knowledgeable, creative staff that promotes a challenging, rigorous curriculum for all students.


Support Cultural Literacy and Academic Diversity

·        We create diverse learning experiences that raise awareness and tolerance of others, and include a wide variety of curriculum and extra-curricular activities to address the interests of our students.

Foster a Positive School Environment

·        Our school is a physically and emotionally safe place that promotes student learning.


Promote Respectful Communication

·        Our school has a strong sense of community to support student success, which we convey through respectful communication.


Develop the Whole Child

·        We build a strong sense of community through respectful communication.

Target Areas of Growth Goals:

1.     English Language Learners

2.     Professional Development

3.     Data Management to Improve Student Achievement