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Read 180

Make a 180 and turn your reading skills around!

READ 180 is a reading and technology enrichment elective offered to support students in their academics.  The class uses diagnostic computer software and reading rotations that offer small group and one-on-one attention to each student.  

Differentiation is essential in developing each student's individual skills and to meet their unique needs.

This class is on a pass/fail grading scale and is offered in lieu of an elective, social studies, or science class, depending on the student's needs. 

Students are recommended for this course based on their motivation and willingness to work with literature and technology.  In addition, we look at reading scores on California Standards Tests, the RI (Reading Inventory) test, and if needed, the PI (Phonics Inventory).  In READ 180, the RI is given quarterly to assist in monitoring student progress.

There are limited seats in this exciting elective, so talk with your counselor ASAP for more information.  

We hope to see you in READ 180!

Read eBooks at Home

Click on this live link to access eReads at home.  Remember to put in Buchser's zip code (95050) and select SANTA CLARA UNIFIED SCH DIST in order to get to the HMH login screen.

The Reading Inventory Assessment (RI)

For the Reading Inventory link, click here. Students must have an assigned license to take this test and it must be taken at school.


The Reading Inventory is a reading assessment used to monitor students growth in reading.  It produces a lexile (or reading) level that students can use to find the right book for their reading level.  Making the right book choice will help students to better understand the text and help to improve their independent reading skills.  As a general rule, students are asked to look for books ~100 points below their lexile level to ~50 points above it, this is considered their reading range.


See for more information about lexile levels and how students can use it to select the right books.  You can also look up a specific book title to learn it's lexile level at this website.