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PTA Executive Board Members for 2018-2019 School Year

President—Anne Kepner

1st VP—Outreach & Programs Heidi Bradford

2nd VP—Ways & Means Jeannette Weedermann

3rd VP—Membership Edie Yau

4th VP—Communication & Volunteers Kelly Gonzalez

Secretary—Paula Arnold

Treasurer—Nichole Soterwood

Auditor—Hayley Bendanillo

Historian—Christina Smiley 

Parliamentarian—Greg Schulte

Webmaster—Seana Shelby

PTA Volunteers Needed

Although we want and need your help, please remember that all volunteers needs to complete the volunteer packet (found above and to the right, as well as on the Volunteer page). If you're an approved volunteer, these are the upcoming events for which we need help.




Every Child. One Voice.

Hello Buchser Community!

Please be part of Buchser PTA and support activities designed to enrich our students' life at Buchser. You can now register online.  

Be a member and learn first-hand about opportunities to support Buchser.



The treasurer’s report since the last association meeting (9/6/2018)

This report has been posted on the PTA website

Meriwest Savings

Cash on hand was $30.06

Receipts totaled $ 1,240.12

Disbursements totaled $ 0

Ending balance on hand of $1270.18

Meriwest Checking

Cash on hand was $10,907.79

Receipts totaled $14,435.12

Disbursements totaled $ 7,842.49

Ending balance on hand of $17,516.60

Checks written since the last association meeting to ratify:

Meriwest Checking #’s 21154 - 21161,409293,1162-1167 totaling $7,842.49.

PTA General Meeting 9/7/18


Minutes for GA meeting 9/7/18

  1. Call to order 6:03 p.m.
  2. Approval of Minutes
    1. Filed as presented
  3. President’s Report
    1. Focus tonight is approving budget and programs on which we will support
    2. PTA’s message is supporting the students and the teachers, and to include parents
    3. Reaching out to community and engaging them in our school
      1. Walk-athon t-shirts and sponsorship
  4. Parliamentarian Report
    1. No Report
  5. Audit Report
    1. Motion to adopt the report made by Karen Cornwell, Peta Roberts 2nd, motion passed as presented
  6. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Copy posted and filed as presented
  7. 2018-2019 Budget
    1. Budget presented and motion by Wanda Buck to approve proposed program,  Karen Cornwell 2nd, motion passed as presented
    2. Motion to approve 2018-2019 budget by Kristen J, Marliss Freitas 2nd, motion passed as presented
    3. Motion to release the funds for budgeted amount and in accordance with our bylaws until next general meeting by Kelly, Lenore Sandborne 2nd, motion passed as presented
    4. Motion to ratify Wells Fargo check #1146 for total amount $89.86 and Meriwest checks #1151-1160, totaling $4,295.92 made by Aditi , Jeanette 2nd, motion passed as presented.
  8. Membership report
    1. Thanked community for their support
    2. 151 members to current
  9. Ways and Means
    1. Dining for dollars monthly
      1. August: Kona $144, the ice truck comes 2nd Wednesday after school
      2. August: Mountain Mike $150
      3. September Habit
      4. Future opportunity: Online fundraiser, Kendra Scott,
  10. Volunteering Opportunity
    1. Vision & Hearing 9/19 -4 people needed
    2. Walkathon will need people, look for email
    3. 6th grade social – 10 people needed 3 pm-6 pm
    4. Possible opportunity and ideas on ways to support see Kelly
  11. Adjournment 6:26 p.m.

Stay Connected!

Our PTA Google communication group allows parents to stay involved with what activities are happening on campus. We share ways to volunteer or just beware of what is coming up on the Buchser or district calendar. You don't not need to be a PTA member to be on the email group, although we would encourage you to be, because, after all, PTA supports your student.

There are a couple of ways to stay connected with the Buchser PTA and community:

1. Buchser PTA Schoolloop Page

Upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, documents, and more will be posted right here.

2. Facebook Group

Those who have a Facebook account can stay in touch with the Buchser community by joining the Buchser Middle School PTA Facebook Group. The membership requires approval. Please submit your request on Facebook.

Facebook link 

Questions? Contact our membership officer at