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A little about me...



I have been teaching 8th grade English-Language Arts here at Buchser since 1995, and previous to that taught high school English in a couple different places.
I spent one year at Santa Clara High and Buchser, teaching both 8th and 9th grade English.  I grew up in the South Bay area and appreciate the community that is Santa Clara every day.  Go Niners!  

Textbook Check Out

Students will not need access to the 8th ELA textbook at home, unless they have been absent when we have used it in class.  Students are welcome to check one out anyway and keep it home for these purposes:  make up work, reviewing concepts, rereading texts, or as a resource.  Students will be checking out various novels throughout the year to bring back and forth from school to home.

Jill Eliason

Important Class Documents

Jaguar English-Language Arts/8th Grade


To teach the whole child a love of literature and to see the reflection of literature in their own lives, to write with passion and clarity, to maintain a love of learning that will carry  into adulthood, and to teach the life skills that will allow them success as a citizen and in their own careers.

Vision Statement


We are a community of learners that respects each other’s differences and embraces our similarities, that functions as a team, but is individually hard at work. We take appropriate challenges, we learn from our mistakes, and we support each other for success, academically and emotionally.

English 8

Read for Twenty

Students should continue to read for at least 20 minutes per night. Starting today, through the rest of the quarter, they should first read their new literature circle book, which they checked out today in class.


Note: Students should still have The Outsiders as we finish our essays this week.

Assigned: 11/13/18 Category: Reading Points: 0 Due: 12/21/18

Notebook Check

Students will turn in their notebooks  on Friday, December 14th, for 2nd quarter to be graded. Students will be graded on Entries #11-25 according to the rubric that is at the front of the notebook.

Assigned: 12/10/18 Category: Assignment Points: 20 Due: 12/14/18

Bingo #3: Literary Analysis

Students will complete one more new row, column, or diagonal about their book to turn in on Monday, December 17th.

Assigned: 12/10/18 Category: Homework Points: 10 Due: 12/17/18

Meeting #4: The Build

Students will meet in the Engineering Lab today and create a structure with their book group teams that shows how a minor character showed empathy in their novels so far. They must use at least two different materials and be done with the build by the end of the period. They must have a label that shows the title the author, the minor character's name and role in the novel.  This must include a paragraph explanation of the empathetic action taken by the minor character.


They will present these on Friday in class in a gallery walk style.

Assigned: 12/13/18 Category: Speaking and Listening Points: 10 Due: 12/14/18

About Deadlines

Read the details of the assignments to be clear about due dates.  Often times, a longer project or assignment isn't posted until the day it is due, which can be confusing.  Students should also have due dates and homework written in their agendas.  They are given time for this at the beginning of the week.

Scholastic Orders

Students can order from Scholastic catalogs throughout the year with this Classroom Code:  


Class Code



I am happy to send in orders with cash or check to Scholastic as well!

Jaguar English Calendar

Homework Club

I am available for help during lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week.  If students cannot make it at that time, they are welcome to come to my room any time if my door is open.  When in my room, I can offer resources, help with directions, feedback on assignments, or just quiet time to read or work.

Challenge Activities

Students always have the opportunity to work on challenge activities if they have met their current deadlines and want to push themselves a little bit further as a learner.  These often including reading additional materials connected to our unit, or working on other research or vocabulary based activities. When a unit is over, those particular challenge opportunities are no longer available.  Students considering Honors English 9 for their 9th grade English class should take advantage of these as often as possible.