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Attendance Clerk

Attendance Clerk Locker

Reporting an Absence

To report an absence please call


or email

To report your child's absence, please leave a message on the attendance line anytime.  Be sure to leave a clear and complete message including:

  • Students name
  • Student ID#
  • Reason for absence
  • Date
  •  your relationship to the child.

Each absence needs to be excused by a parent or guardian. 


Upon 5th tardy and subsequent tardies

Vice Principal is notified.

Saturday School will be assigned.

Parents will be notified by office.

Guidelines to consider...
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Report a Tardy or Early Pick up

To report your student tardy or if student is leaving early

please call 423-3016.

To release your child early from school, please call ahead of time so that we may have your child waiting in the attendance office.

Please leave a clear and complete message including:

  • Student's name
  • Student's ID #
  • Time due in/ picking up
  • Reason for tardy or early pick up
  • Relation to student

Students must sign in/out of campus through the attendance office.