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Social Science 7

Social Science 7


45% Focus & Participation: This grade category is collected in class based on questions asked to individual students. Questions are first asked to the whole class and time is allowed for discussion and sharing answers. Then specific students are chosen to respond. Every student has time to formulate a response. These grades cannot be revised, but they will average out over each quarter.


45% Assignments, Tests, and Other Classwork:  This grade category is formed from all work produced in class, including test and quizzes. These grades can be revised to improve the grade of the work. No revisions will be accepted the last week of the quarter.


10% Homework: Homework will be sharing writing with an audience that has been done in class with the purpose of communicating historical learning with an audience. Homework may be late, but will not receive a grade the last week of the quarter.


Late Work

Assignments, Tests, and Other Classwork and Homework can be revised/completed through the second to the last week of the quarter. No revised work can be turned in the last week of the quarter.


Approximate Timeline


Q1: Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, Mayans, Aztecs

Q2: Inca, Islamic Empire

Q3: West Africa, China, Japan

Q4: Medieval Europe, Renaissance, Reformation, Exploration