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Mobile Device/Cell Phone Policy

Buchser Middle School

Mobile Devices/Cell Phone Policy


Mobile devices/cell phones are allowed at Buchser, however, anyone in possession of a mobile device/cell phone must adhere to the following policy:


All mobile devices/cell phones are to be powered down and put away, out of sight, during instructional time, between periods, and inside buildings, unless a teacher (or other adult) directs students to use their phone for instruction or other purposes.


Pictures or videos taken using mobile devices/cell phones are not allowed to be taken or shown anywhere on campus at any time unless under the direct supervision of a teacher or supervising adult. If permission to take pictures or videos is granted to a student and any of those images are used for any unauthorized purpose, including, but not limited to, bullying and cyber-bullying, all students connected to the violation will be subject to the usual consequences for inappropriate use of mobile device/ cell phone images. Taking and/or uploading unauthorized photos and videos of staff is also considered an “unauthorized purpose.” Students are also forbidden from sharing all inappropriate media with anyone connected with the school.


Any use of a mobile device/cell phone in a teacher’s room is ultimately at the discretion of a teacher.


Violation of the mobile device/cell phone policy is subject to consequences at the discretion of the teacher or administrator, and may include, but are not limited to:

  • Confiscation of the device until end of the class or school day

  • Contacting parents

  • Detention

  • Confiscation of the device to be given to an administrator


If the presence of a mobile device/cell phone in any way distracts or disrupts the climate or instruction at any time during school hours, the above consequences may apply.


Earbuds and headphones need to be put away during the school day. The above consequences also apply to these listening devices.  Speakers/amplified sound systems are not allowed; this includes the speakers from mobile devices/cell phones.


Electronic devices may not be used for illegal or unauthorized activity.  If a student uses his or her mobile device/cell phone to harass, influence or intimidate another student in any way, the student will be held accountable per the school's harassment/sexual harassment policy, possibly including calling outside authorities such as local law enforcement.


For the purpose of safety and to facilitate accurate attendance, all phone calls home during the instructional day must be made from the office. Students who need to go home due to illness must make phone calls from the office. This is a mandatory safety protocol.


June 2017