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Shelly Aggarwal

Attendance Office Procedures



Please refer to the following procedures when your child will be absent from school.

  1. ABSENCES: As per State requirements, all absences must be verified by telephone the same day or by sending a note the day the student returns to school.  The note should contain the students name, ID number, date of absence, reason for the absence and the signature of the responsible adult, (mother, father or guardian). Students with unverified absences maybe assigned Saturday School.  After two consecutive days of absence, you may request homework by emailing the teachers directly or calling the office.


  1.  APPOINTMENTS: If your student has an appointment during the school day, to avoid any delays, please call the attendance office so a pass can be prepared ahead of time.  A parent must come into the office to sign out the student.  Students returning to campus from an appointment or arriving late due to an appointment need to sign in at the attendance office with a note from the Doctor or appointment you came from.


  1. TARDIES: Buchser Middle school has a tardy policy in place.  A copy is included in your registration packet, on the website and in the students agendas.


  1. VACATIONS: Please notify the school in advance when going on vacation or out of town.  A letter or email the attendance office is acceptable. Please include: dates of absence, students name and ID number.  You may request homework (in advance) directly from the teacher.



MAIN LINE 408-423-3000

ATTENDANCE LINE 408-423-3005



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