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Faculty and Staff Directory

Contact Shelly Aggarwal  Shelly Aggarwal (408) 423-3011 Attendance Clerk
Contact Lindsey Ahrary  Lindsey Ahrary Teacher
Contact Angela Alferos  Angela Alferos (408) 423-3166 Teacher
Contact Jone Amador  Jone Amador (408) 423-3002 Vice Principal
Contact Shahrzad Amina  Shahrzad Amina (408) 423-3120 Teacher
Contact Demetrius Asekomeh  Demetrius Asekomeh Teacher
Contact Alyssa Auclair  Alyssa Auclair Paraeducator
Contact Erica Azucena  Erica Azucena (408) 423-3021 Health Assistant
Contact Timothy Bacon  Timothy Bacon Teacher
Contact Joelle Baranowski  Joelle Baranowski Teacher
Contact Kristina Bass  Kristina Bass (408) 423-3049 Library Media Assistant
Contact Kenneth Bertron  Kenneth Bertron Teacher
Contact Celia Biggs  Celia Biggs (408) 423-3131 Teacher
Contact Maria Biggs-Lynch  Maria Biggs-Lynch (408) 423-3025 Teacher
Contact Emily Bolton  Emily Bolton Teacher
Contact Debbie Boozer  Debbie Boozer (408) 423-3133 ex: Room B24 Teacher
Contact Anila Bowers  Anila Bowers (408) 423-3022 Teacher
Contact Gail Breasher  Gail Breasher Teacher
Contact Alice Bresette  Alice Bresette Teacher/Librarian -
Contact Louisa Capp  Louisa Capp (408) 423-3168 Teacher
Contact Tracy Chandrasekhar  Tracy Chandrasekhar Teacher
Contact Alyssa Chanduloy  Alyssa Chanduloy (408) 423-3086 School Psychologist
Contact Attendance Clerk  Attendance Clerk (408) 423-3005 Attendance
Contact BEST Club  BEST Club Staff
Contact Barbara De Ojeda  Barbara De Ojeda (408) 423-3126 Teacher
Contact Jonathan Dune  Jonathan Dune (408) 423-3169 Teacher
Contact Kyle Eaton  Kyle Eaton Teacher
Contact Amanda Ehly-Mills  Amanda Ehly-Mills Teacher
Contact Jill Eliason  Jill Eliason (408) 423-3167 Teacher
Contact Carl Erickson  Carl Erickson (408) 423-3162 Science Teacher
Contact Scott Ferreira  Scott Ferreira Paraeducator
Contact James Fonkwo  James Fonkwo Paraeducator
Contact Brad Franklin  Brad Franklin Teacher
Contact Daniel Galindo  Daniel Galindo (408) 423-3119 Teacher
Contact Benjamin Gallagher  Benjamin Gallagher Teacher
Contact Kellye Garcia  Kellye Garcia Paraeducator
Contact Brenda Goldstein  Brenda Goldstein (408) 423-3013 School Counselor - 8th Grade
Contact Jose Gomar Gonzalez  Jose Gomar Gonzalez Teacher
Contact Raquel Green  Raquel Green Teacher
Contact John Guinane  John Guinane (408) 423-3118 Teacher
Contact Amy Gurich  Amy Gurich (408) 423-3122 Teacher
Contact Adrienne Hall  Adrienne Hall Teacher
Contact Buchser Information  Buchser Information Staff
Contact Tympani Iverson  Tympani Iverson (408) 423-3076 Teacher
Contact Kendra King  Kendra King Teacher
Contact Heidi Knutson  Heidi Knutson Teacher
Contact Anita Kodi  Anita Kodi Teacher
Contact Jaswendar Kumar  Jaswendar Kumar Paraeducator
Contact Clarissa Lacayo  Clarissa Lacayo Teacher
Contact Jill Lipari  Jill Lipari (408) 423-3008 Bookkeeper
Contact Susan Ludlum  Susan Ludlum (408) 423-3165 Teacher
Contact Caithlin Mahoney  Caithlin Mahoney (408) 423-3129 Teacher
Contact Marci Maida  Marci Maida (408) 423-3017 School Counselor - 6th Grade
Contact Julie Milazzo  Julie Milazzo (408) 423-3006 School Registrar
Contact Emily Miller  Emily Miller (408) 423-3041 Teacher
Contact Gilbert Montiel  Gilbert Montiel (408) 423-3003 Vice Principal
Contact Stacy Nguyen - YMCA Site Director  Stacy Nguyen - YMCA Site Director Staff
Contact Jessica North  Jessica North Teacher
Contact Dieterich Nurnberg  Dieterich Nurnberg Teacher
Contact Ann O'Kane  Ann O'Kane (408) 423-3137 Teacher
Contact Katerina Pogosov  Katerina Pogosov Staff
Contact Sulema Ramos  Sulema Ramos Paraeducator
Contact Ann Ratchford  Ann Ratchford (408) 423-3121 Teacher
Contact Ursula Redner  Ursula Redner Teacher
Contact Jennifer Russell  Jennifer Russell (408) 423-3134 Teacher
Contact Nancy Schlink  Nancy Schlink (408) 423-3112 Teacher
Contact Abigail Sinclair  Abigail Sinclair Teacher
Contact Caroline Sloan  Caroline Sloan (408) 423-3160 Teacher
Contact Sonnet Sparacino  Sonnet Sparacino Teacher
Contact Karen Stephens  Karen Stephens Staff
Contact Monica Stoffal  Monica Stoffal (408) 423-3001 Principal
Contact Lisa Therres  Lisa Therres ex: 3144 RSP Teacher
Contact Kelly Tobin  Kelly Tobin Teacher
Contact Natalie Torrez  Natalie Torrez Teacher
Contact Helmer Umana  Helmer Umana (408) 423-3014 ELSAT/EL Support
Contact Carrie Valdivia  Carrie Valdivia Paraeducator
Contact Kevin Vannest  Kevin Vannest (408) 423-3040 Teacher
Contact Annette Vizcarra  Annette Vizcarra (408) 423-3010 School Secretary
Contact Shayna Winslow  Shayna Winslow Teacher
Contact Tracie Wong  Tracie Wong (408) 423-3026 School Counselor - 7th Grade
Contact Maureen Wyland  Maureen Wyland (408) 423-3041 Teacher
Contact Daena Yuksel  Daena Yuksel (408) 423-3020 School Nurse