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Office Information

Welcome Buchser Families!

Welcome to Buchser!

Thank you to our Buchser PTA Volunteers for supporting BMS.  

Our PTA helps us to coordinate school events, fundraisers, parent volunteers, among many other things.

We look forward to working with you during the school year.  If you need to reach one of us in the office, do not hesitate to call or email.


Attendance Absence Line


Attendance Office


School Registrar

Student Enrollment, Student Records/Report Cards




Health Office


School Secretary


Office Hours are from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm




Buchser's Main Phone Line

(408) 423-3000

Buchser's Office Staff
Contact Shelly Aggarwal  Shelly Aggarwal (408) 423-3011 Attendance Clerk
Contact Jone Amador  Jone Amador (408) 423-3002 Vice Principal
Contact Erica Azucena  Erica Azucena (408) 423-3021 Health Assistant
Contact Brenda Goldstein  Brenda Goldstein (408) 423-3013 School Counselor - 8th Grade
Contact Jill Lipari  Jill Lipari (408) 423-3008 Bookkeeper
Contact Marci Van Horn  Marci Van Horn (408) 423-3017 School Counselor - 6th Grade
Contact Julie Milazzo  Julie Milazzo (408) 423-3006 School Registrar
Contact Gilbert Montiel  Gilbert Montiel (408) 423-3003 Vice Principal
Contact Monica Stoffal  Monica Stoffal (408) 423-3001 Principal
Contact Helmer Umana  Helmer Umana (408) 423-3014 ELSAT/EL Support
Contact Annette Vizcarra  Annette Vizcarra (408) 423-3010 School Secretary
Contact Tracie Wong  Tracie Wong (408) 423-3026 School Counselor - 7th Grade
Contact Daena Yuksel  Daena Yuksel (408) 423-3020 School Nurse