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Hatchet Webquest

Hatchet by Gary Paulsen
Hatcher by Gary Paulsen


The novel, Hatchet, has four nonfiction topics. In order to understand the novel, you might want to learn about these four nonfiction topics:

  • Aviation
  • Heart Attack
  • Survival
  • Canadian Wilderness

Websites are great resources for this type of information. Since the quality of the information varies, you want to select the BEST sites. Evaluate the sites using the criteria described by Ms. Bresette.



You will research a specific subject. You may work with a partner but you will need to turn in your research for an individual grade.You will be provided with some websites to evaluate using a graphic organizer. When your evaluations are complete, you are required to compile your information and present your research in a final project that will be displayed in the library. You may choose to evaluate the ones you think are the best and worst or the best and second best.

Reminder: Apply the criteria and base your evaluation on evidence found on the webpage. It is not a check off sheet. "Yes"  & "No" doesn't count!


Part 1 Learn the website evaluation process

1. Ms. Bresette will present the website evaluation format we will be using. She will show examples using the projector and you need to take notes during the presentation.

2. You and your partner will be assigned the topic of the webpages you are to evaluate.

3. During this process, one person will be the recorder and one person will be the technician, the partner who manipulates the computer (you may alternate (trade) this job.)

4. Within the topic you have been assigned, you need to look at six websites. Of those six, you need to choose two to study in depth. These are the two you will be presenting  to the class. You may choose to look at the best and worst site or the best and second best.

5.Record your findings on the evaluation graphic organizer, keeping in mind that you are evaluating the websites to discover which ones would provide the best background information for understanding Hatchet.

6. Once you have finished evaluating your two websites, you and your partner need to discuss whether or not these two would be valuable as background information for the novel Hatchet.

Part 2 Final Project

1. Your final project will be a Survival Guide.



Heart Attack

Which website would have been helpful to Brian when the pilot of the airplane had a heart attack?


Brian was desperate for anything that would help him survive. He made good use of the hatchet from his mother. Would any of these kits or knowledge of survival have helped?

Canadian Wilderness

Knowledge about the Canadian wilderness would have helped Brain when he found himself alone in the woods. Would any of these websites have helped him prepare?