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Buchser vs Hoover - Friday, November 17 @ 4:00 at Hoover

Future Dates:

Friday, December 1 - Varsity League Finals at Hoover Middle School @ 4:00 pm


Sunday, December 3 - JV League Finals at Rolling Hills Middle School @ 8:30 am


Wrestling is Back at Buchser!

Buchser's Wrestling Team

Buchser’s wrestling team is back! All grade levels are encouraged to come join our team.  No matter how big or small you are, there is a spot for you on the team. Wrestling is a sport where athletes compete against athletes in the same weight class. Buchser’s wrestling team has joined the West Valley Athletic League (WVAL).  The WVAL is composed of teams from Santa Clara, Campbell, Los Gatos, and San Jose.  The WVAL does its best to make this sport fun and enjoyable for all athletes. Wrestling teaches athletes discipline, respect, honesty, dedication, and much more. The WVAL tries to make wrestling safe for all abilities in our sport. However, wrestling can be rough and just like in any sport injury can occur.


The team:


19 weight classes (70lbs-HWT 205-237)

19  Varsity spots

19  Jr. Varsity spots


*If you do not make a varsity or JV spot, I encourage everyone to remain on the team for experience (especially if you are a 6th or 7th grader). Everyone makes the team and is able to practice. We try to get everyone outside matches but that is not guaranteed.


Regular Season:   October 2nd to November 30th

  • First tournament is October 27th for first time wrestlers and October 28th for Varsity wrestlers.
  • Other dual meets and tournaments TBA
  • Jr. Varsity league finals TBA
  • Varsity Finals continue to December 7th
  • League finals December 1st
  • Section Finals December 5th
  • County Championships December 7th

Things you Need:

  • Liability form filled out by a parent or garden. (required)  Liability Form.pdf
  • Wrestling shoes (“NOT” required first week)
  • Head gear (“NOT” required first week)
  • Mouth piece (if athlete has braces)

*The reason for (“NOT” required first week): I would recommend that the athletes get a chance to see if they want to continue wrestling before you spend the money.


Practice: Information and First practice: Monday, Oct, 2


Practices will “Mostly” be held on Monday, Tuesdays, and Thursday 3:00-4:30


A more detailed practice schedule will be given out to the wrestlers.


No room for spectators in the wrestling room during practice.


Things to know about wrestling:

  • Wrestling is a full contact sport (one on one).
  • Wrestlers will get bruises, scratches, bloody noses and will be sore.
  • Wrestlers should wear headgear when wrestling.  (Cauliflower ear can occur)

Wrestlers must shower immediately after practice and meets. (Skin infections can occur)


Coach: Kenneth Bertron Email:    Phone #: (408)423-3040