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During the COVID-19 related health protocols, we will be processing a limited number of volunteer applications, for site-specific volunteer opportunities.  These opportunities must be prearranged/approved by the site Principal prior to following the volunteer process.  

You may complete your volunteer application online through this link; it is also available in the RESOURCES box to the right. 

At this time we are not processing volunteers which require fingerprinting. 

To volunteer at school, four things are required to be submitted:

  1. Volunteer Application 
  2. Copy of a copy of a government issued photo ID
  3. Evidence of negative TB are required.  For the negative TB evidence, you may submit a test result or the TB Risk Assessment Form (see Resources to the right) signed by your doctor.
  4. Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination.

Please upload your photo ID, TB result, and COVID vaccination information with the online volunteer application. 

The volunteer application must be submitted annually.  If you volunteer at multiple SCUSD schools, a volunteer application must be submitted at each school; each school maintains their own records.

Please complete your volunteer application and submit online Buchser's Secretary, so that there are no delays when an event is scheduled.

Volunteers must sign in at the office before going to their volunteer assignment, and obtain a volunteer sicker.

Questions?  Contact the Annette Vizcarra, school secretary, at 408-423-3010 or