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Tech Challenge Update

Announcing Buchser’s 2019 Tech Challenge Teams!


Congratulations to the following hard working students for being a part of Buchser's 2019 Tech Challenge team.


If you are disappointed about not making the team, please keep your head up and try again next year!

First Name Last Name Grade
Bilva Gummadi 6th
Arnav Talati 6th
Nicholas Iriberri 6th
Varun Sriram 6th
Preet Gandhi 6th
Franchesca Soledad Casis 7th
April Ngo 7th
Malcolm Facione 7th
Rayse Ybarra 7th
Lucas Bates 7th
Conner Atmosfera 8th
Noah Jones 8th
Exel Uy 8th
Isaac Kim 8th
Ben LaBarge 8th
Noel Cevallos 8th
Mia Bolanos-Teque 8th
Isabella Allbee 8th
Surabhi Pandey 8th
Casie Pham 8th
Clara Caldwell 8th