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Buchser Workplace Skills


The Bobcat Workplace Skills


Effective Communicators

Read and understand different texts
Write information in words and graphics
Speak clearly so others can understand you
Listen carefully 

Informed, Productive Thinkers

Use creativity to solve problems
Make good decisions
Use problem solving skills in real life

Self-Directed Learners

Stay focused to achieve your goals
Use your time and materials wisely
Be responsible for your choices
Use what you know in different situations

Collaborative Workers

Work together as a team
Judge how well you and your group did
Learn from your mistakes
Do your best

Contributing Citizens

Be responsible and don’t give up
Respect each other’s differences and learn from one another
Know and follow the rules and routines of the class
Participate as much as possible
Keep your workplace clean

Information Processors

Use a variety of resources to gather information
Use the right tools to get the information you need
Adapt the information to achieve your goal